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Deer and Driving on the road

Deer crossing sign on roadway

The links below have some interesting information. Deer/Car Collision Automobile/Deer Deer-Vehicle_factsheet1   The pictures below show an all too common sight on the roadways of Long Island.If you have ever had a run in with a Deer while driving-you know how devastaing this can be.        

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Helpful Tips for Landscaping and Deer

deer eating in summer

Here you will find some helpful tips to help in making your landscape Deer resistant (Ha Ha Ha……….

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Common morning view

           (631) 678-8138             We are not a business Our services are provided Free of charge We are not a group or a club We strictly Bowhunt-Safe,Quiet and Unobtrusive while remaining effective We are two brothers that offer a  Free Whitetail Deer Population Control Service that benefits Landowners We are very successful at removing nuisance Whitetail …

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